This package provides the watchdog kernel modules. It is built to depend upon the specific ABI provided by a range of releases of the same variant of the Linux kernel and not on any one specific build.

Currently available for EL5 only.

The modules were backported from kernel 3.0.56.

iTCO_wdt - tested
w83627hf_wdt - tested
others - not tested

Testing instructions:

modprobe your_motherboard_watchdog_timer (not needed for Intel chipsets; iTCO_wdt will be loaded automatically by kernel)

echo v > /dev/watchdog
Not more then 60 seconds.
If computer reboots then everything is working correct.

yum install watchdog
uncomment /dev/watchdog and interval=10 in /etc/watchdog.conf
chkconfig watchdog on

Now you are safe from hardware hangups.

[The package contributed by Gefke M.S.]

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