This package provides the kernel modules for devices using the PATA interface.
It is built to depend upon the specific ABI provided by a range of releases
of the same variant of the Linux kernel and not on any one specific build.

Here follows a list of all the modules contained within the package:

ata_generic.ko                   pata_cypress.ko                  pata_netcell.ko                  pata_radisys.ko
pata_acpi.ko                     pata_efar.ko                     pata_ninja32.ko                  pata_rz1000.ko
pata_ali.ko                      pata_hpt366.ko                   pata_ns87410.ko                  pata_sc1200.ko
pata_amd.ko                      pata_hpt37x.ko                   pata_ns87415.ko                  pata_sch.ko
pata_artop.ko                    pata_hpt3x2n.ko                  pata_oldpiix.ko                  pata_serverworks.ko
pata_atiixp.ko                   pata_hpt3x3.ko                   pata_optidma.ko                  pata_sil680.ko
pata_cmd640.ko                   pata_isapnp.ko                   pata_opti.ko                     pata_sis.ko
pata_cmd64x.ko                   pata_it8213.ko                   pata_pcmcia.ko                   pata_sl82c105.ko
pata_cs5520.ko                   pata_it821x.ko                   pata_pdc2027x.ko                 pata_triflex.ko
pata_cs5530.ko                   pata_jmicron.ko                  pata_pdc202xx_old.ko             pata_via.ko
pata_cs5535.ko                   pata_marvell.ko                  pata_qdi.ko                      pata_winbond.ko
pata_cs5536.ko                   pata_mpiix.ko

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