DRBD is a distributed replicated block device. It mirrors a block device over the network to another machine. Think of it as networked raid 1. It is a building block for setting up high availability (HA) clusters.

They are compatible with the CentOS kmod-drbd82 and kmod-drbd83 packages, the CentOS drbd83 packages has been renamed to upstream's preferred name drbd84-utils.

These packages are also compatible with the upstream packages from Linbit, however we decided to move the heartbeat, pacemaker, rgmanager and xen integration scripts directly into the drbd84-utils package, which properly obsoletes those packages. Please uninstall the drbd-km-<kernel> packages to avoid any conflicts.

WARNING: These packages conflict with drbd83. Since the configuration changed starting from DRBD 8.4 we cannot automatically obsolete 8.3 packages by 8.4 packages.

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